Welcome to Painesville Gyro

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What is Gyro International?

Unique among clubs, Gyro provides men of high character a setting to nurture friendships and exchange ideas in a friendly, open, and fun-filled environment.

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1912; clubs are now chartered in the United States and Canada.

Painesville Gyros

A Cleveland suburb, just 28 miles from downtown, the city of Painesville hosts two clubs: Painesville (1940), and Western Reserve (1972). 

Members are local community leaders, a legacy of both clubs.

While Painesville Gyro is the largest District 1 club, membership of both clubs combined represents the top concentration of Gyros in one city internationally.

Site of Gyro Home Office

The Gyro International Home Office is located at 1096 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, Ohio…

Why Men Join Painesville Gyro:

An Oasis

A setting to relax, socialize, and have fun.    

No required fundraising or community service.

Attendance encouraged not required.

Meal centered activities.


To celebrate friendship with accomplished men from varied fields: business owner, executive, medical doctor, judge, attorney, dentist, educator, elected official, banker, finance, retailer, insurance, law enforcement, catering, retired military, real estate developer, etc.  

To associate with community-oriented persons who have a positive outlook.

Social Schedule (Stag & Couples)

Exclusive access to 23 annual gatherings: normally 12 stag meetings, 11 couples events, held on Friday evenings.


Great Fun

Stag meetings feature great conversation and lots of laughter.

Couple’s events (varies annually): garden parties (picnics) at member homes, election night skits (e.g. above), trout club, beach party, yachting club, winery, country clubs, black tie installation, clambake, Gatsby party, Christmas party, historic airplane museum, St. Patrick Day, Top Golf, golf outing, and more!! 

Access to District and Gyro International Conventions is a bonus.



Modest dues, high quality experiences, pay for only what you attend, and networking result in an excellent return on your invested time and money. 


Painesville Gyro membership is by invitation; a member sponsor is required.