Executive Council

Gyro is composed of Clubs which have their own elected officers.  The individual Clubs are allocated, geographically, into Districts. The Clubs, in each District, elect a District Governor, at an Annual District Meeting.  The District Governors, along with the Executive Council (EC) form the Board of Governors (BOG). The BOG provides direction to the elected Executive Council (EC)  who manage the day-to-day operation of Gyro.  The EC is elected by the General Membership at the Annual International General Meeting (AGM).

Blanton Bessinger
St. Paul, MN
Oryg Gyro Club
24 years in Gyro
Club President: 2012-13
District VII Governor: 2016-18

Peter A. Carter
1st Vice President
Edmonton, AB
Edmonton Gyro Club
21 years in Gyro
Club President: 2016-17
District VIII Governor: 2017-18

Daniel J. Durbin
2nd Vice President
Puyallup, WA
Olympia Gyro Club & Tacoma Gyro Club
12 years in Gyro
Club President
District IV Governor: 2014-15

Mike McNally

Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Gyro Club
38 years in Gyro
Club President: 1986-87
District III Governor: 1991-92
Int’l. President: 2013-14
Club President: 2020-21

Alan Pentney
Immediate Past President

Calgary, AB
Stampede City Gyro Club
16 years in Gyro
Club President: 2009-11
District VIII Governor: 2015-16