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Gyro International is a non-profit, 100-plus year-old organization with clubs located in Canada, the United States , where like-minded men of good character can meet in friendship.  Originally formed by three college graduates in 1912 to maintain their collegiate friendships and to further networking as they started their working careers.  The group rapidly expanded,and within a decade the concept had spread to multiple cities in North America.

In 1917, the singular clubs met in Cleveland, Ohio and agreed to  form Gyro International.  In the 1930s the networking aspect was diminished and the organization truly became a ‘Fraternity of Friendship.’

More than 100 years later, the premise for membership remains the same… “Invite a Friend to Gyro.”


An international organization that provides a setting for our members and friends to socialize and have fun.


Gyro is the first choice for men seeking to enjoy fun events with their friends without the requirements common to other groups.


  • Belonging to a men’s social organization founded in 1912;
  • Value friends as more than acquaintances;
  • Committed to fun;
  • Men of character with diverse backgrounds;
  • Relax and enjoy each other’s company in interesting venues and events.
  • Committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity.

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