Why the name/symbol of Gyro?  The Founders following WWI were fascinated with the Gyroscope because it maintains its balance regardless of outside influences – not unlike the benefits of friendship – thus giving rise to our precepts:

POWER – symbolizes the power of our friendships in our relationships. 

POISE – demonstrates the steadiness of  friendships in times of trial.

PURPOSE – keeps the balance wheel of friendships   in men’s lives.

Gyros enjoy the benefits of membership without any of the following requirements: fund raising / community projects / high dues / mandatory attendance / engaging in business networking.


An international organization that provides a setting for our members and friends to socialize and have fun


Gyro is the first choice for men seeking to enjoy fun events with their friends without the requirements common to other groups.


  • Belonging to a men’s social organization founded in 1912.
  • Value friends as more than acquaintances
  • Are committed to fun
  • Are men of character with diverse backgrounds.
  • Relax and enjoy each other’s company in interesting venues and events.

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