Gyro Store

The Gyro Store is the merchandising arm of Gyro International ~ our Fraternity of Friendship ~ and is intended solely for the use of it’s membership. 
The Gyro Store offers only our approved  Gyro International items for sale.  We guarantee prices of items in stock. 
Your support of these items boosts Gyro awareness and camaraderie and helps in the pursuit of new members.                  
NOTE:  Contact International Headquarters for current pricing: 

Gyro Pins...

New Member 

$30.00 US    $38.00 CDN

Club President

$55.00 US   $65.00 CDN

Club Past President $30.00 US    $40.00 CDN


$55.00 US    $65.00 CDN

Past Governor

$25.00 US    $35.00 CDN

District     Sec/Treasurer       $55.00 US      $65.00 CDN


Years in Gyro 5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60 $55.00 US  $65.00CDN


Merit Award    Outstanding Achievment $55.00US $65.00 CDN 


Gyro/Gyrette Name Tags     $14.00 US Blue Plastic         $16.75 CDN Blue Plastic       $13.00 US Gold Magnetic   $11.25 CDN Gold Magnetic


Gyrette Pins...

Silver Rhinestone

$12.00 US /CDN

Gold Rhinestone

$12.00 US /CDN


All Certificates are $4.00 US /CDN

New Member
25, 40,50 Year Member Anniversary
Club Anniversary
Past President
Past Governor
Past International President

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Certificate of Club Appreciation
Certificate of Appreciation, by Club Office
Certificate of Appreciation, by District Office
Merit Award
Testimonial of Friendship,
by Club, to an Outstanding Member


Walnut Wall Plaque $30.00 US Lrg.   $40.00CDN Lrg.  $29.00 US Sm.    $29.00 CDN Sm.


Walnut Gavel $40.00 US/CDN 


          Burgee            $10.00 US/CDN

        Gyro Seal               (adhesive backing av.) $9.00 US/CDN

To Order...

To place you Order or for more information, please contact ‘GLORIA’ at Gyro Headquarters… 

Mail:  Gyro International, 1096 Mentor, Painesville, Ohio 44077

Phone:  Gyro International  440/352-2501

Fax:  Gyro International at 440/352-3882

E-mail:  Gyro Headquarters: 

Upon receipt of your Order an Invoice will be sent to confirm your Order and Payment is due upon receipt of your Invoice.