From the Desk of the International President…

September 20, 2022

Well, three (3) months have gone by since I became President of this WONDERFUL organization, of ours.  Here is a summary of what has been going on…

The Executive Council had its first Zoom meeting on June 22 and our first Board of Governors Zoom meeting was held on July 6.  Then, we had August off to enjoy the summer and we started up on September 7, with our Executive Council Zoom meeting and our second Board of Governors Zoom meeting was on September 14.

Mike Eisner, 2nd Vice President, was appointed Chair of the Membership Committee and Larry Duba, was appointed as the Vice Chair.  The biggest challenge we, Gyro, have to overcome – in order to bring in new and younger members – seems to be ‘social media’ so one of the first things Mike did was recruit some of our younger and newer Gyros, to the committee, in order to learn and capitalize on what brought them into Gyro and why.  If you have any ideas and or suggestions, please feel free to send them to Mike.  In the meantime, PLEASE invite a friend, your son, son-in-law, or nephew etc. to Gyro… all you have to do is remember to ask.

The Special Task Force, which was created last year in response to the 2021 Members Survey, and is Chaired by 1st Vice President Dan Durbin.  The committee has been hard at work looking into a possible District re-alignment, for a variety of reasons.  However, please be patient, for the results, as this is a ‘work in progress’ item, which will be brought to the Board of Governors later this year.

The Members Portal, which has been well received and utilized, just celebrated its 1st anniversary and as a result a list of 37+ refinements and enhancements was created and now Derm Jackman, Chair of the Technology Committee is currently going through the necessary steps for a Version 2 to be launched later this year; making the Members Portal even more valuable and productive.

Last month, Blanton Bessinger IPIP attended the District 7 Convention in Red Lake and installed Gary Sirek as the Governor and Todd Gallagher as the Lt. Governor.  Derek Hay is now the Immediate Past District Governor, and I take this opportunity to thank him for his contributions and efforts during his term of office.  All but one of the remaining Districts Conventions will be held in either September or October, and I am pleased to advise that we will have a member of the Executive Council, in attendance, at each.  District 10 will be having their convention in February, possibly to entice some ‘snowbirds’ members to attend, while they are enjoying the ‘sun’ in Florida (good idea Steve).

As for my travel, my first and only speaking engagement, so far, was to attend the Gyro Club of Calgary’s AGM that was held on September 7 at the Heritage Park in Calgary. It was great meeting several new Gyros and to have time to visit with some of my old Gyro friends.  I, also, had the pleasure of awarding the Gyro Award of Merit to Bryan Sherwood and then talk to the club members about the things that are happening at the international level, of Gyro.  Thank you President Paul, and Immediate Past President Ken for the Invitation and your hospitality!

Well, I think I’ve covered everything, so in closing, may I leave you with a simple but important thought… please reach out to your Non-Gyro Friends and invite them to join Gyro, because it is worth it !!!

Yours in Gyro Friendship,

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