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March 27, 2023

Well, the last three (3) months have certainly flown by, partly due to the fact that Eileen and I were in New Zealand for the month of January, so we would have sufficient time to visit the north and south islands.  BUT, thanks to Zoom I was still able to Chair the January Executive Council (EC) and Board of Governor (BOG) meetings, from ‘down under’.  So, with Spring now just around the corner, I’m looking forward to Edmonton’s summer weather and being able to participate in outdoor activities without a parka and snow boots!

In the first quarter of 2023, the EC have met, via Zoom, on three (3) occasions and the BOG on two (2) to conduct Gyro business.  Some highlights from our meetings are:

  • The 2023/24 Budget for next year has been developed and approved, with the Per Capita Dues being $60.
  • The 2024 International Convention will be hosted by District III’s Gyro Club of Port Colborne – Niagara South and the Gyro Club of Peterborough, to be held in beautiful Niagara Falls.
  • Gyro Podcasts, created by 1st Vice President Dan Durbin, have been launched and can be found on the Gyro website at:  Many thanks Dan, for having the initiative to design, create and produce these Podcasts!  Job well done!!!

The Membership Committee, under co-chairs Mike Eisner, 2nd Vice President and Larry Duba, Past International President, has had numerous meetings and continues to work on and develop new ideas to bring in new members to our wonderful organization!  AND their efforts are working as the February’s Membership Report showed a net increase in our membership!!!  Thanks to all the members on the Committee for their efforts, contributions, and desire to see our organization grow!  Thanks also to Steve Anderson, Governor District X for your membership drive, which brought in four (4) new members in February… Go District X, Go!!!

The Special Task Force for the review of Gyro’s District Structure, under chair Dan Durban, 1st Vice President, is making headway and has formulated a suggested reorganization of the districts and are now working with the Governors for their input.

Bottomline, the Executive Council, the District Governors, and Lt. Governors, and all the Gyros that are on the Membership and Special Task Force Committees are working hard for the Good of Gyro!  Thank you all for your contributions!!!

Well, I think that’s it, hopefully, I didn’t miss anything.  Oh, I did… although 5 months away, please consider attending the “Summer Nights & Northern Lights” International Convention, in Winnipeg, hosted by the Winnipeg Gyro Club.  For full details see:

Yours in Gyro Friendship,

Please feel free to contact me at:

PPS.  Have a great Spring!

PPPS.  Go Membership Drives, Go!!!

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