Special Funds

Gyro International has two (2) Special Funds:

1) Betterment Fund: 

The Fund shall is composed of money received from 1) Gyros who wish to further the objectives of Gyro International and 2) Gyros who wish to recognize the contributions Gyro International and its member have made to their personal lives. 
              • To make a contribution/pledge to the ‘Betterment Fund’:  Click Here
              • Application to apply for Betterment Funds:  Click Here
              • For more information and history of the Betterment Fund:  Click Here
The ‘Betterment Fund’ Board of Directors – composed of the two (2) most recent immediate Past Presidents together with three (3) Past District Governors – shall have the exclusive right, power and authority over expenditures/distributionsFor 2022 – 2023the Betterment Fund Board of Directors will be:  
                          • Blanton Bessinger, IPIP, CHAIR (1 year term) DVII
                          • Alan Pentney, PIP (1 year term) DVIII
                          • Ross Davis, PDG (1 year term) DVII
                          • Randy Tarrier, PDG ( 2 year term) DI
                          • Don Patterson, PDG (3 year term) DIV
Bylaw reference to the Betterment Fund (Chapter 11A):  Click Here

2) Memorial Fund:

The Fund shall be composed of money and/or property received from:  
              • Contributions by Gyros or other individuals;
              • Legacies and Bequests;
              • Surpluses from conventions andevents etc.;
              • Any other source, which in the opinion of the Board of Governors or the Executive Council, appear to be appropriate.
The Fund shall be maintained for te purpose of perpetuating and promoting the work and welfare of Gyro through and by such means as the Board of Governors or the Executive Council may from time to time determine.
For more information and history of the Memorial Fund:  Click Here
Bylaw reference to the Memorial Fund (Chapter 11):  Click Here

Additional Information

The Betterment and Memorial Funds are administered and supervised by the Board of Trustees three (3) Trustees who shall be elected by the Convention and serve for a term of three (3) years, staggered.  In addition, the current International President and the International Secretary-Treasurer are ex-officio members

For 2022 – 2023, the elected Board of Trustees are

        • Harold Bernard, PIP, CHAIR (1 year term) DVI
        • Peter Evans (2 year term) DIV
        • Dan Blohm (3 year term) DII
        • Peter Carter (President) and Matthew Johnson (Secretary/Treasurer) – ex-officio members

Bylaw reference to the Board of Trustees (Chapter 6) Click Here